Meetthe founders

Mariel Filippone

Introducing wife and mother of three Mariel Filippone, born and raised at the beach, she’s a lifetime surfer and snow skiier - her family spends most their time in the mountains in the winter skiing and boarding and back in San Diego with family as often as possible.

Mariel is a long time multi-certified fitness trainer, Master Pilates Instructor and nutritionist. She is a former Celebrity Fitness Guru. Having traveled to 22 countries in her accomplished 20-year career as an Entrepreneur mentoring hundreds of thousands of instructors and business owners in growing businesses!

Mariel's Professional Milestones are being inducted into both the Millionaires Club of two separate companies and the prestigious 5 Million Dollar Earnings Club of one company, having achieved an outstanding $500 Million in team online sales across 27 International Markets in 11 years.

She was the Founder and Owner of a Pilates, Yoga, and Barre Studio chain for 13 years before successfully transitioning into the Online space - predominantly mentoring people how to make Health and Wellness Sales. She has consulted for Billion Dollar Brands, specializing in online growth strategies.
Mariel is known as the Millionaires Mentor to hundreds of thousands, coaching many to six and seven figures annually in online marketing. Honored to grace the cover of ‘Success from Home’ magazine in 2017.

Mariel Filippone is on a mission to inspire and empower individuals to achieve their health, fitness and financial goals. Join Mariel in this journey to wellness, success, and personal growth. Connect with Mariel to embark on your path to a healthier and more prosperous life.

Mariel has spoken on stages all around the world. From smaller more intimate settings to larger 30k audiences, she continues to have speaking engagements because she’s passionate about making her audience laugh while learning growth strategies she has proven work!

Brittany Hitch

Meet Brittany Hitch—a California girl born and raised, now living the slow, southern life in Nashville, Tennessee. Married to her sweet husband, Nick, for 13 years, they're raising the cutest tiny girl gang together—Emme, Lucca, and Capri.

THEY are the reason why she is so passionate about everything she does. Showing moms everywhere that they can build businesses while raising their babes!

After her husband was medically retired from law enforcement following an on-duty injury, they found themselves in a desperate situation. She ventured into the world of social selling after years of being a wedding planner.

It was something she had sworn off, but being able to build a business without missing time with her girls just made sense. With her grit and determination, she created a multi-seven figure income and helped THOUSANDS earn lucrative incomes as well.

Her heart is most fulfilled when she is helping OTHERS earn an income, having assisted THOUSANDS of people in making extra income from home.

Brittany's journey is a testament to her dedication not only to her family but also to her extended community of hard working mamas seeking more. With a blend of personal experience and professional success, she stands as a guiding light for those dreaming of financial independence without sacrificing family time. As Brittany continues to inspire and empower, her story is a beacon of possibility, proving that with heart, hustle, and a whole lot of kindness, achieving a balance between work and home life is not just a dream, but a reality.

She's a simple girl—she loves Morgan Wallen, sushi, and neutral colors! Her vulnerability is her superpower, though, and to know her is to love her!

Claudia Gonzalez

Meet Claudia Gonzalez, better known as Claud to her inner circle.
Born in the lively streets of Havana, Cuba, Claud embarked on a life-altering journey when she took flight as she boarded a plane to the US at the age of nine.

Claud's academic journey led her to acquire two impressive master's degrees, which she put to great use as she dedicated over a decade to the world of higher education administration, including over two years as a part-time professor. In 2018, she decided to add a little spice to her career and wholeheartedly embraced the world of Network Marketing. Fast forward to 2020, and Claud made a daring decision - she waved goodbye to the traditional 9-to-5 grind to focus entirely on her online business. Why? Claud had grown weary of trading her precious time for dollars; she yearned for the intoxicating allure of freedom.

Claud's journey isn't merely about accumulating wealth; it's about becoming a guiding star for thousands striving for their own financial independence. She's not your run-of-the-mill entrepreneur; she's got a fiery spirit, a dash of sass, and she's unapologetically herself – a magnetic personality that deeply resonates with those who cross her path. Claud is that friend who leaves no stone unturned when making decisions, always willing to do the research for the entire crew.

Most importantly – Claud is down right too honest for her own good and admits that initially she far from convinced about the world of digital marketing. In fact, she had her reservations, and at times, she wasn’t merely skeptical; she was downright wary. She even expressed strong opinions against it, doubting whether it was something she would ever entertain.

But there’s beauty in accepting to have a change of mind after educating yourself and so she decided to be the change she believed the industry needed. She's a passionate advocate for showing the world that big dreams have no boundaries, and she's here to lead the way.
Claud's story wouldn't be complete without the incredible support and love of her family. She's a devoted wife to her high school sweetheart, Anthony, with whom she's shared a remarkable journey for almost 18 years. Together, they've built a loving home and are the proud parents of two wonderful children, Nico and Sofi. To add even more life to their household, they share their space with two four-legged companions, Zeus and Apollo.

So, if you're ready to break free from the ordinary and pursue your dreams with the same fervor that Claud brings to life, join her on this exhilarating journey where success meets a splash of Cuban sunshine!

Kristen Wyatt

Meet Kristen Wyatt, a Texas entrepreneur with a heart for empowering others & helping them discover their inner bad ass! With a solid foundation in traditional business ownership, after getting married to Dwayne, she transitioned to retail, leading teams and managing multi-million dollar stores.

The turning point came during her first pregnancy, when her and Dwayne were working opposite schedules and thought “who’s going to see our kid walk for the first time?”. After days of researching options, she put her skepticism aside & partnered with a Network Marketing company.

Kristen & Dwayne welcomed Jude to their family 8 years ago, and have since expanded their family with Dean, 3 years old, and Leo the cat, almost 1 years old. She’s a true #boymom, and loves every minute.
With over a million dollars earned in the online space, Kristen found a way to truly be present for her family, not miss out on moments & also make a killer income from home!
But it’s not only a success story for Kristen,

Her heart is most fulfilled when she is helping OTHERS earn an income also, and has helped THOUSANDS of people make an extra income from home.

Drawing from her past struggles of 70+ hour work weeks and living paycheck to paycheck, she is dedicated to helping parents create additional income streams, ensuring they don't miss out on life's precious moments.