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The perfect "mini" course for those that want to
start small, and at a lower price point!

Even though THE Digital Course has much more in depth information, this mini course still has everything you need to set up your online store, learn how to create & sell your OWN digital products, AND all the training you need to truly MASTER all things social media!


Oh, and don’t worry, we know you’re going to take your time diving into the course, and will need something to sell while you’re learning, so YES - you guessed it! THE Digital Mini (THE DM) WILL come with the Master Resell Rights attached!

You can purchase this course for the low cost of $297, and immediately receive the rights to turn around and sell it from YOUR online store (which we will teach you how to create in less than an hour) for 100% PROFIT!!

This is going to change everything for your business.

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Don’t worry!
You won’t be alone either!

Included with every course purchase (whether you purchase THE DC, or THE DM) is a FREE COMMUNITY that you can be a part of! The four of us put our time and energy into the community TOGETHER and bring a little different style to each training and event!

  • LIVE training weekly
  • Q & A + LIVE social media audits & coaching
  • Regional in PERSON events in your local area
  • and MORE!